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Technologies & Skills

From concept through development right up to practical execution, our drawer slide systems pass through a range of different departments within the company.


Experience is the key to an 

optimised production process.


Thanks to our decades of experience in manufacturing highly stable drawer slide systems, we are able to come up with new and innovative developments as well as providing made-to-measure products for specific customers. In the Product Development department, the foundations are laid for ensuring a cost-effective and manufacturing-friendly production process.


  • During construction, finite element analysis is used to calculate, evaluate and analyse the load values of all components
  • Each component is constructed by Product Development and tested for assembly and functioning using prototype parts
  • Definition of component materials
  • Performance and evaluation of feasibility analyses for component and profile manufacturing
  • Patenting
  • Technical project support for customers and development projects
  • Contact partner for technical queries from customers
  • Highly qualified engineers with years of experience
  • Latest 3D CAD software and simulation programmes


A small team with an understanding of how all the departments work 

enables a smooth manufacturing process.


Acting as an interface between development and final series production, this department is where the tools to make our durable slides are designed. Our small team of broadly-skilled employees is responsible for solution-oriented tooling development and optimisation, whereby their tasks span a range of different disciplines.


  • Construction of sample tools all the way up to series production tools
  • From simple tool assemblies to highly complex transfer tools
  • Materials:
    • (High-strength) steel
    • Stainless steel (CNS & CS)
    • Sheet thicknesses of 1 to 3 mm (0.04 to 0.12 in.)
    • Widths from 20 mm to 300 mm (0.79 to 11.81 in.)
  • Stamping and forming technology
    • Prototype / sample tools right up to series production tools
      • Manual tools
      • Cutting tools
      • Bending and press brake tools
      • Transfer tool sets
      • Progressive tools
  • Riveting equipment
  • Fixture construction for in-house manufacturing
  • Test equipment construction for in-house manufacturing



If you have a problem, 

we have the solution.


The process of turning our prototypes into finished products starts with the Prototype Building department. Using our in-house-manufactured test equipment, all possible load scenarios are simulated in order to guarantee the quality of our drawer slides. The high number of duty cycles and decades of service life speak volumes about the efficiency and durability of our products. If requested by the customer, we are happy to provide test protocols free of charge. We are also happy to adapt our drawer slide systems so that they are perfectly tailored to their products.


  • Realisation of test patterns based on ideas from Product Development
  • Integration of test items, and special, stock or customer goods – variants are tested in our test facilities using existing sample drawers or customer cabinets
  • Analysis, read-out and documentation of the tests carried out
  • Various tensile and pressure tests, sample product entry checks, programming and execution on the ZwickRoell testing machine
  • Processing of the sample product: milling, turning, stamping, riveting, drilling, welding and fine-tuning
  • Creation of prototypes and new products in collaboration with Product Development
  • Once the testing phase has successfully been completed, we produce functioning samples at series quality
  • Support for Production based on pertinent empirical values from long-term tests (samples)
  • Installation and assembly of trade fair furniture and customer displays


The quality of our drawer slides starts with 

the precision tools we manufacture in-house.


At FULTERER, dimensionally accurate components and punctual delivery are paramount. Our ultra-modern Toolmaking department makes an important contribution to this end. Here, the customer’s wish is our command: from one-off production to small and large batch production, we do it all.


  • Wire and die sink EDM
  • Flat grinding up to max. 1,000 x 400 mm (39.37 x 0.16 in.)
  • 3-axis CNC machining centres up to max. 1,270 x 650 x 610 mm (50 x 25.59 x 24.02 in.)
  • 5-axis CNC machining centres up to max. Ø 900 x 785 mm (35.43 x 30.91 in.) incl. simultaneous machining


Our sophisticated and optimised production processes 

guarantee top quality.


Our cutting-edge production facilities offer a range of production methods that allow us to meet your individual requests. 


A host of different stamping and bending tools are available to punch, shape and form the steel strip coils according to your requirements.

Powder coating ensures a smooth surface and a high level of durability. Thanks to the broad range of colours available, we can add a touch of individuality to your drawer slides.

The coated steel profiles and chrome steel profiles are equipped with various mounting fixtures that use ball bearings, rollers and synthetic parts. The individual profiles are compiled into sets and packaged at the assembly tables.

  • Steel strip used (cold and hot-rolled):
    (width range 26 to 280 mm / 1.02 to 11.02 in., thickness range 1.3 to 3 mm / 0.05 to 0.12 in.)
  • Chrome steel used:
    (width range 33 to 109 mm / 1.30 to 4.29 in., thickness range 1.5 to 3 mm / 0.06 to 0.12 in.)


  • From small series production with some manual operations to fully formed profiles on compound and transfer tools
  • From simple presses weighing 15 tonnes up to complex machines with 800 tonnes of pressing force
  • For surface coating we use powder in multiple colours
  • The profiles are compiled into their final sets at manual work stations and assembly machines
  • We operate a high-bay warehouse with 4,000 storage spaces


We don’t just talk quality; 

we live and breathe quality.


We ensure that our customers’ high quality expectations are met by carrying out regular testing alongside production using our 3D measurement systems. A range of other measurement and test devices are used alongside these modern measurement systems.

Our processes are constantly being upgraded in order to improve the quality of our products. These key elements form part of our quality management system, which is audited by the TÜV every year.


  • System certification EN ISO 9001 and ÖKOPROFIT certification
  • Upgrading of individual systems
  • Quality management process encompassing all sites
  • Continuous process optimisations in all areas
  • Upgrading of test and measurement methods (automation)
  • Tests for customers using ultra-modern test equipment
  • QM training for our production staff to allow them to inspect their own work, with regular refreshers
  • Use of cutting-edge measurement equipment (optical and tactile capabilities)
  • Collaboration with external test laboratories
  • Ongoing analyses and evaluations with optimisations

FULTERER drawer slide systems - everything from one source.


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