Special solutions

Beyond standards – special solutions from FULTERER
Tailor-made special solutions are created in close cooperation with our customers.

Creative and ambitious ideas often pose particular challenges, which is where standards often reach their limits. Our expertise in special solutions and commissions, on the other hand, knows no bounds. FULTERER specialises in finding the perfect solution for even the most unusual requests. We like thinking outside of the box. 

Our engineers are up for any challenge.

Tiefkühler Gastronomie

This was the case with the FR 7100 SCC, which was designed for use in a freezer compartment at the request of a customer. The -40 °C (-40 °F) temperature range presented an unusual challenge, but we still managed to find a solution for our customers.

Grill mit Auszug

We faced the exact opposite problem with the FR 115, which needed to be adapted for use in a barbecue that reached a maximum temperature of +220 °C (+428 °F). Special bearings were required to ensure that the drawer slide remained securely enclosed. After an intensive development and testing phase, our customers ultimately walked away satisfied in this case, too.

Special commissions are our speciality.

However, there are even some specialities among our standard drawer slides. For example, the FR 5432 can be opened to 150% over extension and boasts a load capacity of 220 kg (485 lbs.).

Sometimes you can't get anywhere with standard solutions and need special fabrications. We help with that.

None of this would be possible without our experienced, long-standing employees who make all of our customers’ applications and requests a reality.

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