full extension > FR 7100 SCC HR
FR 7100 SCC HR
Extension type:
full extension
Build-in width:
24.00 mm 0.94 in.
Load capacity:
dynamic up to 
90 kg 198 lbs.
Mounting Position:
bottom mount
solid synthetic rollers
Length in mm: Length in inches:
  • heat-resistant version up to +110 °C (+230 °F)
  • high lateral stability
  • cabinet profile with screw holes and drawer profile without holes
  • ideal running characteristic and smoothness of running through integrated progressive action
  • integrated safety clip
  • dual-sided captive profile
  • self-closing
  • available as heat-resistant version up to +110 °C (+230 °F) – load capacity for full extension 90 kg (198 lbs.)
Build-in width
24.00 mm 0.94 in.
Slide height
70.80 mm 2.79 in.
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